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Academic Preschool

What Are the Benefits of an Academic Preschool?

When you are looking for a preschool for your child, one of the types of preschools that you may be considering is an academic preschool. An academic preschool is meant to prepare your child for kindergarten and elementary school. It is designed where one teacher is in charge of the class and leads the class. There are routines and learning activities, just like what happens in a normal school. The benefit of this is that your child begins to learn in a normal classroom setting. They also learn their colors, letters, numbers and shapes. These are all things that will help them to be successful as they start their normal school education. Are you looking to place your child in an academic preschool in Bountiful, Utah? Visit us here at Tumble Jungle Preschool to find out if we are the right academic preschool for your child.

Academic Based Preschool

What is an Academic Based Preschool?

Not every preschool is the same. One of the major differences among preschoolers is the way that they teach children. Some use a play based learning approach, while others take an academic based approach. Some combine both of these methods and teach your child using both of these teaching methods. An academic based preschool teaches your child in a normal classroom setting. Your child is taught lessons by a teacher as they sit at a desk or table and listen and absorb what is being taught. Play based learning allows your child to learn while playing. Here at Tumble Jungle Preschool, we use both an academic and play based approach to help your child. We believe that this allows kids to learn in a method that is best for them, while still allowing them to have fun and socialize. Ready to learn more about our school? Contact us today.

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