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  • Do you limit your class sizes?
    Yes, classes cap at 8 students per teacher. We currently have 2 teachers per class so each class is full at 16 students.
  • Will my child be barefoot?
    Yes, in our dance and gymnastic classes the kids need to remove their shoes. Please send them with shoes they can take off and put on independently.
  • Do you background check your teachers?
    Yes, our teachers are registered with USA gymnastics and have passed a background check.
  • Do you go on class field trips?
    Yes, we go on 2 field trips a school year. We have a fall and spring field trip each year.
  • Do parents go on field trips?
    Yes, because we do not have access to a bus parents are asked to drive their children and participate. Younger children are welcome to attend however if the field trip charges a fee the preschool only covers the preschool child's fee.
  • Do you have class parties?
    Yes, We love to turn any fun into a learning opportunity. We have parties scheduled throughout the year.
  • Can I stay and watch my child during gymnastics?
    Part of the preschool curriculum is teaching the child independence so we ask you to not stay and watch unless there is special circumstances and cleared by the teacher beforehand.
  • Is there any family programs?
    Yes, we have a Christmas program and an End of the Year program where you are welcome to invite anyone who would love to attend and see the progress your child has made.
  • Does my child have to be potty trained?
    Yes, for safety reasons for the child we ask that the children can use the bathroom independently before registering them for preschool.
  • Do you have a registration fee and is it refundable?
    Yes, the registration fee goes towards supplies for the whole school year and holds the spot in the class for the child. It is not refundable.
  • Can I drop off my child early?
    We ask that you do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes early and are not more than 5 minutes late in picking them up. Our teachers are busy getting ready for the children before and between classes and need the children dropped off and picked up promptly.
  • What kinds of creative curriculum do you offer?
    We include art and science throughout the year to help reinforce things we are learning in a different way. We also include music and games. We aim to reach the different ways each child learns.
  • Do you teach reading?
    We include reading in our 4 year-old curriculum. Each child learns at a different pace. Depending on the child and if they practice at home many kids graduate from preschool with basic reading skills.
  • How often is dance and gymnastics?
    We have a dance class once a week and depending on the class a gymnastic class once or twice a week.
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