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Play Based Preschool

What is a Play Based Preschool?

As you look to enroll your toddler into preschool, you will find that some preschools are labeled as academic preschools, while others carry the label of a play based preschool. A play based preschool focuses more on playing in order to teach children, rather than having them sit at a desk and learn lessons. For some children, a play based preschool is better for children. It allows them to learn in a manner that is fun for them. Other children learn better in an academic preschools. They learn in a very controlled environment. Ultimately you have to decide which type of setting may be better for your child based on their personality. Are you looking for a great preschool for your child in Bountiful, Utah? Here at Tumble Jungle Preschool, we utilize both methods to teach your child, giving you the best of both worlds. Visit our website to learn more about our school.

Preschool Gymnastics

What Are the Benefits of Preschool Gymnastics?

If you have a toddler, you know how much energy they have. Enrolling your child in preschool gymnastics can be beneficial to them. It provides them with structured playtime. This helps them to exercise and burn off energy in a safe and controlled environment. Preschool gymnastics also teaches your child listening skills and to follow directions, as someone will be instructing them on what to do. These skills will be carried with them throughout life. The final benefit associated with preschool gymnastics is that your child will learn to socialize and interact with other children. This is perfect, especially for children who are only children or who to participate in play groups. Here at Tumble Jungle Preschool, we offer preschool gymnastics for children between the ages of three and five. Contact us to learn more about our classes or to enroll your child in them today.

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