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Private Preschool

Signs Your Child is Ready for a Private Preschool

A private preschool will typically enroll children beginning at the age of three. However, just because your child is three does not mean that your child is actually ready for preschool. A child who is ready for private preschool is potty-trained. This is typically a requirement for preschools. Your child must also be able to concentrate. While they do not have to concentrate for a long period of time, they must be able to briefly focus on or concentrate on tasks. A child ready for preschool also can work with other children, and is able to be away from their parents for a prolonged period of time. Taking the time to help ensure your child can be around other kids and be without you is a great tool to help ready your child for a private preschool. Are you looking to enroll your child in a private preschool? Contact Tumble Jungle Preschool now.

Toddler Preschool

What to Look for During a Toddler Preschool Tour

Prior to enrolling your child in any type of a toddler preschool, it is highly recommended that you take a tour of the preschool. In fact, many preschools will allow your child to sit in on a class. If you have never toured a preschool before, you may not be sure what to look for. As you tour the preschool, take a look at how many kids there are per teacher. Look at the cleanliness of the facility. Look at the overall behavior of the children and what activities they are engaged in. Lastly, look at what activities, toys or learning tools there are in a classroom setting. All of these things will help you find the right toddler preschool for your child. Ready to take a tour of a preschool in your area? Call Tumble Jungle Preschool to schedule a tour.

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